Meet the Family

With four generations and four family members still at the bakery there’s a lot of artisan know-how to call upon and loads of great stories from ‘the good old days’.

Thomas George

Thomas was an ambitious family man from a farming background. He founded Pullins in 1925 with a loan he took from a local flour miller.  He will always be remembered as an inspirational figure to all the family and a well known member of the community during his baking years.

Thomas passed away in 1948 after growing the bakery from a single shop to a business delivering bread to the neighbouring towns and villages using horse and cart, with three shops and 8 craft bakers.



Bryan John Pullin

Bryan was the second son of our founder and started baking from an early age, shown here in his bakery uniform at the age of eight! Under the tutorship of his father he eventually went on to run the bakery, carrying it through the war years with his brother, Lesley.

A true foodie and fantastic chef, the fourth generation often reminisce about his Sunday roasts and infamous Victoria Sponge.

Fondest memory - "Using our deck ovens to roast Turkeys for local villagers at Christmas!"



Trevor John Pullin

Trevor is the eldest son of Bryan and today our MD.

Like his father, Trevor is a brilliant cook and baker with over 47 years baking experience under his belt.  Today whilst he still enjoys experimenting with dough and inventing new cake recipes he likes nothing better than a day spent fishing on the South Coast.

Fondest memory - "Traveling to the coast for family holidays as a boy on a sofa in the back of a bread van!"




Sue Pullin

Sue, Trevor's wife, started working at the bakery as a Saturday girl at the age of 15 in one of the shops and is today Pullins' HR and Finance Director.

A true foodie,  Sue was renowned for her homemade pizzas sold in the bakery during the 1980s.  Sue has worked in all areas of the bakery over the years so knows the business inside-out, which seems to make her the first point of call for any type of question or problem!

Fondest Memory - "Listening to the old stories told by the bakers in the early 1970s when they delivered bread in the morning to the shop."



Angela Pullin

Angela started working for the bakery full time in 2005 after working as a sales rep for a chocolate maker.  Her first shift at the bakery though was after school, icing the Danish buns for pocket money.  Here she is with the first member of our fifth generation, donning a hairnet for the camera!

If you ever see a fresh loaf of bread in the office with the middle torn out you know Angie can't be far away!

Fondest Memory - "Climbing on the bags of flour in the loft with Mike when I was little or helping my mum make pizzas in the kitchen after school at the back of the bakery."



Mike Pullin

Mike, seen here at the age of seven in front of the bread ovens (first installed in 1938), helped out at the bakery from an early age and throughout university.  Now directing the production side of the bakery he is involved in the daily creation of all our handmade cakes and bread.

Mike is passionate about real bread and the artisan methods used by our ancestors.  He is responsible for many of the rustic loaves you'll see for sale on the website and is constantly inventing new varieties which we test out at farmer's markets.

Fondest Memory - "Being thrown around in the back of a bread van as a young boy eating ice cream with my Dad driving."