Four Generations of Baking

Pullins was founded in September 1925 by Thomas George Pullin, an ambitious farmer who sold his livestock, took a loan from a local flour miller and bought a little bakery in North Somerset.

In those early days, local door-to-door deliveries were made by bakers donning breeches and leather leggings, carrying wicker baskets full of bread and other goods. For deliveries further afield, horse-drawn carts were used (we had stables out the back of the bakery), although these were later replaced by a Model T Ford. Missing animals from his farming days however, Tom always kept pigs near where the stables had been, feeding them on surplus bread, buns and other goods.

Tom had two sons, Leslie and Bryan, who both joined the bakery, later carrying it through the war years, baking in darkness at times due to the black-out laws with only a few gas lamps and the coal fired ovens for light. Leslie stayed at home during the war, while Bryan served with the forces abroad, later being called back to help manage the business with his brother.

After the second world war Bryan had two sons.  Both joined the bakery and Trevor still directs the business today. Trevor married in the 1970s to Sue, who today is finance director and mother of the current generation, Angela and Mike.

Before the war years, Leslie Pullin was secretary for the Clevedon & District Association of Master Bakers - there were 13 bakers in the area. Today we are the only one still here, having diversified and invested in our bakery for the last 87 years.